194 West Court Piggott, AR

Heritage Park

Heritage Park is a true gem within Piggott, Arkansas. Located on the outskirts of town, this park provides many recreational opportunities for community members of all ages. The acreage hosts a large pond with pier, perfect for fishing. Nearby are two playgrounds accompanied by a set of pavilions for families and their children to play, grill, and host events. Further back in the park is the history cemetery and amphitheater. Neighboring these are RV camping posts complete with electric and water hookups. All of these amenities are surrounded and separated by spacious, open fields. The park as a whole is one of the most picturesque settings in Piggott.

            Heritage Park is also home to the annual Piggott Heritage Car Show held every May. This car show hosts over 100 cars every year from all over the country. It is accompanied by a parade that runs from the park to the airport and back to the town square where more food and festivities are held. The show draws some of the largest crowds Piggott has ever seen!

Please call 870-598-5884 for reservations.